Sife Engineering

SiFe Engineering introduce as OEM Developer, Manufacturer and Supplier of Electronic based products and also provides Embedded Solutions to clients to conceptualize and realize their initiatives, to reach out their Vision. Whether it is Product Design or system automation, we ensure a level of certainty of results that no one can match.

The Solutions that we provide to our customers are met their needs and requirements specified. Customer satisfaction is a priority and SiFe serves the best with utmost higher level of commitment.

SiFe Engineering is a privately-owned high-tech SME specialized in the field of remote monitoring systems. Founded in 2009, its main market niches are in the field of energy efficiency, environmental monitoring, and industrial processes automation. Thanks to its solid technological background, its cooperation network, and its highly skilled multidisciplinary professionals it is capable of offering its clients competitive and effective technological solutions throughout India

Our Mission

We create monitoring & control products and solutions that improve processes and services in areas such as Energy, Building Management and Environment in a global marketplace. We strive every day to put our technology to work for private companies and public institutions in order to make this planet a more livable and more sustainable. And in everything we do, we apply our values of respect and honesty through a commitment to teamwork and a high degree of responsibility to our customers.

Our Vision

We want to be a world reference in the field of monitoring and control to support our growth strategy and differentiation on our values:

Teamwork, promoting and supporting a homogeneous and multidisciplinary team, assuming that the greatest asset of a company are its employees.

Excellence in service, meeting our commitments and we take responsibility for all our decisions and actions, based on high standards of excellence to our customers.

Innovation, continuously improving our products and solutions and working with global technology partners researching breakthrough technologies with the ultimate goal of providing a unique and differentiated value to our customers.


SiFe Engineering made it's foot on the industry in the year 2009 and has witnessed the stupendous growth that has archived in the past years. It is one of the very few companies that adapted to the changing needs of the Indian market and customers. SiFe is focused at making a significant contribution to the transformation of the needs. It’s strong presence stands as a testimony to the commitment.

Company Businesses centers - OEM product development and supply according to the client requirement, Automation solutions and M2M Market solutions.

SiFe represents one of the top manufacturers of GSM based product in India. Our In house development center assure client on technical and service supports.